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Richmond, Virginia

Washington, D.C.

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Work that fits your lifestyle

Workers pick up shifts at a variety of businesses and learn new skills while earning extra cash.

Keep business running smoothly

Fill scheduling gaps and cover shifts in minutes with pre-screened quality workers.

No strings attached

Cover as many shifts as you want, there are no minimum shift requirements.

How it works

Shift Posted

Businesses post shifts and workers are instantly alerted and matched based on their skills and availability.
Snag Work recruits, hires and performs background checks to ensure quality workers.

Shift Filled

Workers review shift details including uniform and basic requirements, they claim the shift and show up prepared and ready to work.
70% of all shifts are filled within a few minutes.

Shift Covered

Snag Work handles everything so managers don't have to. Shifts are covered and workers are paid in as few as two business days.
Workers earn more than minimum wage. Starting pay: $10 per hour.

Your favorite local businesses use Snag Work:

Have a niche or like variety? We've got you covered.

Snag is revolutionizing the traditional employer-employee relationship

"Where has Snag been all my life? Today was a monster success. The two Snaggers we had were on site were absolutely awesome. Our team here raved about them and we can’t wait to request more shifts!"
Patton G., Owner, Thrivident
Shifts filled on average
Shifts filled in a few minutes
Average worker approval rating
Average business approval rating
"I’ve been offered traditional, scheduled jobs since I’ve been snagging and I’ll never go back."
Aaron S., Snag Worker, 250+ shifts worked
"Snag Work transcends all industries of business. Their staff and customer service are among the best I've ever seen!"
Wesley W., General Manager, The Circuit Barcade